School Community

Vision Statement

Our vision is to cultivate a life-long love of learning in our children and inspire them to realize their full potential while enjoying life’s journey and positively contributing to the world around them.

Mission Statement

Guided by the Montessori philosophy, our mission is to provide a caring school community that nurtures every child's natural curiosity for learning and supports full development of academic, social, artistic, physical and life skills.


Being a member of the Selkirk Montessori community ROCKS! Our interactions, behaviours, and problem-solving centre around the following:

R - Respect: seek to understand each other, take care of our environment, and work to create a positive environment

O - Open Mindedness: celebrate diversity, try new things, be flexible thinkers, approach collaboration with curiosity

C - Communication: actively listen, thoughtfully speak, honour and express our own feeling and ideas, acknowledge and consider the feelings and ideas of others

K - Kindness: help and inspire others, include everyone, use compassion, solve problems, take great care with our community

S - Success: challenge ourselves and persevere when obstacles arise, make a difference in our community, work together to accomplish big things, participate in service work, be true to ourselves (personal integrity)

Get In Touch With Us

Selkirk Montessori School

  • Contact: Erin Hayes, Head of School
  • Phone: 250-384-3414
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