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"The secret of good teaching is to regard the child's intelligence as a fertile field...Our aim is so to touch his imagination as to enthuse him to his inmost core...to help him in his growth, mental and emotional as well as physical."

- Maria Montessori

As a registered nonprofit organization, we offer competitively priced, caring, private school education for your child. As an established school in an exciting waterfront setting, we offer: the full B.C. curriculum to Grade 8; a Montessori-trained staff whose credentials exceed provincial standards; low student-teacher ratios; outstanding programs including Music and French; a beautiful school, bright and fresh, full of colour and light; a safe building - earthquake prepared, wheelchair accessible, and; a vibrant school community.

At Selkirk Montessori, preschool, elementary and middle school children learn at their own pace through guided exploration. Learning from their personal experiences, they own the knowledge they have gained. Independence, confidence, self-discipline and a love of learning are qualities that distinguish Montessori students. Students leave Selkirk Montessori with a secure foundation for successful transition to further studies.

Exemplary Contemporary Montessori

Identifying as a Contemporary Montessori school allows us to make decisions based on best practice and requires us to stay current, always asking the question: “What are the implications for our school?” “Does this information allow me to better fit the needs of our students?”  We shape our practice from the guiding principles and research of Montessori leaders as well as leading researchers (including Neuropsychologists) and educators.

Balancing the responsibility of being a Montessori school operating under the funding of the BC Ministry of Education requires careful deliberation on the delivery of curriculum and best practices.  Selkirk’s best measure of its level of success has been its graduates and they have proved time and again that there is no better school equipped to marry the dual responsibilities. We are developing equipped and engaged learners who become leaders in their areas of passion. Our students are developing into the types of people we most hope they can be.

The teachers of Selkirk Montessori have developed an exemplary Preschool to 8 school. These teachers know their students and have internalized their Montessori practices, view all current best practices being introduced through research and province initiatives, through this lens. The school is well regarded in the Montessori community and the graduates of the program experience success in many areas – academic, leadership, music, athletic – the successes are as diverse as the students’ own interests. This is because the tenent the school has used as its guiding principle is: "Follow the Child".

Elements of our Montessori:

1.  Prepared Environment: Structure of the School and Classroom:

Multi-age groupings; layout;  and decor

2.  Way of being with the children:

Teacher as guide and observer, lessons offered, follow the child, choice (with guidance when necessary), opportunities for student leadership and peer support

3.  Materials: Discovery-based (constructivist)

4.  Balanced curriculum: 

Classroom content --Practical Life (Care of self, others, environment, Health and Career); Sensorial (preparation for multi-sensory observations and concrete learning experiences);  Math; Language; Integrated Cultural Arts (Science, social studies, art, music, dance, drama); Technology (Integration)

Specialized content -- Languages; Physical Education; Music; Integrated Technology; Outdoor Education

Best Practice/Delivery -- Student discovery; Opportunities for sustained attention; Concrete to abstract understanding of concepts; Choice; Freedom within limits; Workplans/contracts

Our contemporary practice of the Montessori Method is most deeply rooted in: 

Erin Hayes, our Head of School, will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Montessori philosophy of education and the Selkirk Montessori School. Come and find out why we're special!  Make an appointment to tour our school and talk to us about your child's needs and interests.

You can also check out our Family Handbook, which is under the Admissions section, to learn more about our school philosophy.

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Selkirk Montessori School

  • Contact: Erin Hayes, Head of School
  • Phone: 250-384-3414
  • Email: erin@selkirkmontessori.ca