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SPG Hosted School Community Events

Parent Education: Parent Education nights are free, educational events hosted at the school to help parents keep their kids safe, productive and healthy both at home and at school. 

Welcome BBQ: Join us for a BBQ on th Green the first day at school.

Spaghetti Social: This is a casual dinner for our school community.  Come and eat, and meet new and old friends.

Halloween Bash: The Halloween Bash is a school community event for all ages and costumes are encouraged but not mandatory! 

Farewell on th Green: Be sure to join us on the last day of school to have one final visit, play and enjoy a freezie on the Green!


Lunch Program: The lunch program is a school fundraiser that runs throughout the school year, enabling parents to order different lunch options for their child(ren) throughout the week.  There are a large number of choices offered. Contact us at:

Thrifty Foods Smile Card: Thrifty Foods has approved our request to participate in their Smile card fundraising program again this year. If you have a Selkirk Smile card from previous years, please start using it. If you are new to the school, there are additional cards in the office.

For every $100 you spend at Thrifty Foods, the Selkirk Parent Group receives $5.

Last year, we used the money to contribute to the 40th Anniversary Labyrinth project in front of the school.

Selkirk Parent Group (SPG)

The Selkirk Parent Group (SPG) is an independent committee of the Pacific Montessori Society (PMS). It adheres to the constitution and bylaws of the PMS. The SPG has its own guidelines.

The role of the SPG is to contribute to the effectiveness of the school by promoting the involvement of parents including facilitating communication within the parent community and liaising with the PMS Board. In addition, the SPG raises funds to directly support the activities of the students of Selkirk Montessori School and undertakes activities and events to support the roles outlined above.

Examples of SPG activities include running the school lunch program, coordinating a “welcome back to school” BBQ, spearheading school charitable drives, and acting as class representatives.

Membership in the SPG includes any parent/guardian who is a member of the PMS, and remains in good standing, according to the PMS Bylaw Part 2 Item 4, except for the exclusions listed in 2.

Administrators, staff and PMS Board members can serve as non-voting members of the SPG. Information about the SPG activities and members is located on the bulletin board outside the office.

Parent Education Night

We are currently working on organizing these events for this year.


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