Pacific Montessori Society

Pictured: Artist and school parent Art Thompson and Karen L. Colussi, one of the founding parents and first administrator/principal of the Pacific Montessori Society School, now known as the Selkirk Montessori School.

The Pacific Montessori Society (PMS) is a non-profit society officially registered with the provincial government and registered with the federal government as a charitable organization.  A copy of the Society’s constitution and bylaws is filed with the Registrar of Companies. The Society was founded in 1980. All parents in good standing are members of the PMS. In accordance with the Societies Act, the Board of Directors of the Society is elected at the annual general meeting, and serves without any remuneration. Terms are for three years and members of the PMS are eligible to run for office.

2021-2022 Pacific Montessori Society Board Members

Atkins, Gregg - Director     Lawyer, Pope Reed Law Corporation

Bechard, Chris - Director    Senior Advisor, Provincial Government

Birley, Linda - Secretary     Kumon Math & Reading

London, Piper - Repairs & Maintenance   Business Owner - The Old Hat

Francis, Rowe - CPA, Treasurer   Private Advisor/Consultant

Stewart, Courtney - Director    Communications Manager, Provincial Government

Stewart, Shawn - Chair     Staff Officer, DND

West, Julian - Director    Social Entrepreneur

Barner, Penny - Executive Director    Selkirk Montessori School

Erin Hayes, Head of School, Selkirk Montessori School


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