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I am the Health & Safety Coordinator for the Selkirk Montessori School. Please contact me at 250-384-3414 or email if you have any questions or concerns. Linda Dombrowski

Health Information


We are a peanut free school. So that means that there are no peanuts or products containing peanuts allowed in the school. This also includes any functions that the school has where classes or the hospitality committee might be asked to bring in goodies. If any food comes into the school which contains peanuts it will be quickly removed. Peanuts are the most prevalent cause of anaphylaxis. Yes, we do have students who are anaphylactic to peanuts attending the school.

That being said we have students who are anaphylactic to other nuts, dairy and variety of other foods. Those are not dismissed as being any less of a concern than the peanuts. Each of the classes that have the students using epi pens, the classroom teachers will inform the parents in the class of the foods which will be of concern. This is for the children and so that everyone in the classroom can come and enjoy the party with food that is safe for all of the students in that class to eat and also so that the students can enjoy their lunch on a day to day basis sitting together and socializing. 

If there are any concerns or questions about any of this please come and talk to me directly. You can find me in the office next to Erin Hayes.  Linda.

Another reminder to everyone, that the staff at Selkirk are not allowed to administer any kind of medication without the written consent of the parents and, for those that require prescription medication, the written consent of the physician and the parents. So drugs like Tylenol, antacids, cough medicines and any other items that can be purchased over the counter must come to the school with the signed Medical administration form, thereby allowing the teacher to administer it to your child. No prescriptions will be allowed in the school without the Prescription Medical Administration form. 

If your child is sick and you are taking them to the doctor, please take a blank form with you so that it can be completed at the time the doctor does the prescription. Also important: if your child is going away on an overnight field trip, please ensure that the Medical Administration form is in the hands of the school ahead of time.

The Medical Administration form would have been handed out to everyone at the beginning of the year. If you need another copy, I will be placing a link below for you to access and get your copy. I also have copies in my office.

Hand Washing

Taking action towards healthy living! Again, a reminder to everyone about the importance of washing your hands and teaching your children how to wash their hands as a follow through from school to home and back again.

All it takes is warm water and soap — and the best thing is you can work on your singing voice! Singing  ABC or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star will be the ideal length of time to wash hands. If I hear singing coming from the washroom, I will smile!

Thanks for helping to prevent the spread of germs by starting this practice at home.


Health Info provided to us by the Health Units. Look for more in the upcoming months.

Head Lice Awareness

Outbreaks of head lice are common throughout the school year.  Although head lice are a nuisance, head lice are not a health risk.

Head lice spread quickly by close, head-to-head contact.  Lice cannot live on furniture or carpet, and they cannot jump or fly.  There may be few or no symptoms, but itching may occur.

For more information: Review the pamphlet “Wet Combing – How to Get Rid of Head Lice” available at your school and health unit


Health Units:

Esquimalt                    250-519-5311              Salt Spring Island        250-538-4880

Outer Gulf Islands       250-539-3099              Sooke                          250-642-5464

Peninsula                    250-544-2400              Victoria                        250-388-2200


Child, Youth and Family Community Health
SN-HP-107-06-14 – Revised 2014-07-16

Saanich                       250-519-5100              West Shore                 250-519-3490



December 2017

During the holidays is a fabulous time to check your fire alarms in the home (maybe even hold your own drill)! It is a good time to replenish your earthquake kits and check on the batteries if it applies. 
I did want to mention that the Government of Canada Recall and Safety Alerts - put out recall information on certain fire extinguishers. Here is the link with more information to see if it affects you.


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