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Casa Kindergarten Maker Experience

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Vicki Hagel and the staff of the Castle Building Centre for the generous donation of birdhouse kits for Casa’s Kindergarten practical life project.  This project expands upon the students’ previous work by moving into more complex three dimensional shapes. Construction will also introduce the concept of building in the proper sequence. 

When I originally approached Vicki, the co-owner and manager of the Bay St. Castle location, regarding the possibility of donating some lumber for the project, her only questions were: would a design they had on hand work, and, if so, how many birdhouses was I planning to build.  In short order, lovely rough cedar fencing material was cut to length, labelled, pre-drilled and packaged with nails and a dowel for the nesting perch.  The entrance hole has been cut to suit the preferences of the chestnut-backed chickadee, a native Vancouver Island bird currently listed as threatened by the IUCN.  Equipped with a hinged front to enable cleaning, the biggest challenge will be deciding if these birdhouses will be kept as indoor artwork or mounted outside for use. 

Thank you very much to Vicki and her staff for their generosity in supporting our students’ learning in such a wonderful way!